It’s HERE – The Summer Edition

With decades dedicated to the industry, nothing is more enjoyable than celebrating the local people who propel it forward. For us, that’s what The Marijuana Pages is all about–connecting the local cannabis community and sharing stories that have a direct impact. As patients and industry members, we have some serious respect for the struggle this industry has faced, and experience extreme pleasure as a witness to its success.

Back in high school I never imagined a world where medical or rec was a thing. I paid $40 for an eighth of beasters from the RatDog enthusiast who lived down the street. You couldn’t say ‘bong’ in a smoke shop without looking like a total newb, rosin was an unknown term, and there was a strong stigma against “stoners” in pop culture.

We’ve come a long way, and though there’s still much to overcome, the progress has been revolutionary. And we’re here to showcase that shift on a personal level- through the stories of those who have been there to aid in its evolution, who support today’s goals, and who work to propel the industry forward.

What can you expect from The Marijuana Pages? We’re an alternative lifestyle publication that offers an inside look at your favorite budtender, head shop, and dispensary. In each edition, we get answers from local lawyers who are experts in Arizona law, tips from physicians who provide validation for local patients, and personal stories behind different aspects of the industry.

Take a seat with us as we chat with the men behind Grow Sciences, Mr. Thomas Dean, Nirvana budtender Brenna, and Chris from Paraphernalia Boutique (and more) in our very first Summer Edition.